Lumination LED Luminaire - LUS Series


Lumination LED Luminaire – LUS Series

GE's Lumination™ LUS series is the next generation of LED luminaire. The LUS series comes standard with reveal® TriGain™ to bring out the best colors for you up to 10,400 lumens. It is uniquely positioned to provide a performance of 130 LPW while delivering an astonishing 90CRI and an R9 value of 90. The fixture comes in a very minimalistic form factor, making it ideal for installation in several settings and scenarios. Moreover, the LUS features a wide range of customization for the color schemes as well as a range of possible beam distributions specific to your needs. This is achieved through a combination of ultra-sophisticated diffusers and optional reflector.




  • Replaceable light engine
  • Multiple distributions
  • Exclusive reveal® TriGain™ technology – standard
  • Available in 4' and 8' lengths
  • Fast Connect for installs
  • 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperature
  • Lumen output: 4,200-24,000
  • 0-10V dimming standard
  • 5-year limited system warranty standard

Additional Efficiency: Achieve up to a 70% reduction in lighting costs by adding Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls. In addition to greater control over illumination levels, you'll also benefit from improved occupant comfort and productivity.


  • Low bay open ceiling
  • Parking garage indoor
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial & industrial
  • Manufacturing & light assembly
  • Distribution & warehouse
  • Retail & office
  • Education & health
  • Data centers