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Signage Product ImageGE illuminates your brand.

GE Tetra® high-efficiency, long-life LED signage lighting systems deliver best-in-class performance for channel letter, box sign and border lighting applications.

When compared with standard neon or fluorescent lamps, Tetra® LED systems provide significant energy cost reductions, easier job site installation, less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness and uniformity across your signs.


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Spreading the light. Brilliantly.


CHANNEL LETTERSChannel Letters Imag


For small, medium or large channel letters—wet or dry—our Tetra® LED systems are the industry standard for quality, reliability and innovation. Our Tetra® line is powered by our revolutionary 24V system, bringing this new, exclusive GE technology to the signage landscape. Our latest industry innovation significantly improves power supply loading over the previous 12V generation.



Tetra MS Product Image

Tetra® MS  Arrow Icon

Minimize costs with our micro system

Tetra® MS is the LED solution for channel letters as shallow as 1.5 inches deep and as narrow as 0.5 inches wide. 24V Tetra® MS delivers bright, even light, allowing you to illuminate your signs with less LEDs, reducing energy and maintenance costs. Tetra® MS improves loading by 41% compared to the previous 12V generation.

Tetra miniMAX Product Image

Tetra® miniMAX  Arrow Icon

Our brightest solution for small channel letters

Tetra® miniMAX is our remarkable 24V LED system that delivers brilliant light, in a range of colors, for small channel letters as shallow as 1.5 inches in depth. The Tetra® miniMAX lighting system outperforms, using less LEDs for even greater savings in overall system costs.

Tetra MAX Product Image

Tetra® MAX  Arrow Icon

The smart choice for medium channel letters

Tetra® MAX—the 24V LED system for medium-size channel letters delivers incredibly bright, uniform light in a range of colors, installs easily and operates efficiently, driving performance and lowering maintenance costs.

Tetra PowerMAX Product Image

Tetra® PowerMAX  Arrow Icon

Powerful white light for large channel letters

Tetra® PowerMAX and PowerMAX HO provide powerful white light in the largest channel letter applications. OptiLens™ X allows the lighting system to produce wide uniform surface coverage across the sign face. Improved stroke spacing yields greater efficiency and reduced product costs.


Tetra Tape Product Image

Tetra® Tape  Arrow Icon

Roll out the savings with this GE innovation

Tetra® LED Tape is another impressive GE solution designed for small spaces. It delivers exceptional light output for small can depths and installs easily and quickly for reduced labor expense. Slim and flexible, it is ideal for applications as shallow as 1 inch and includes a self-adhesive backing, making assembly a snap.


Tetra SelectTX Product Image

Select TX®  Arrow Icon

The ideal solution for every channel letter size

Select TX is our high-performance, high-value line for your everyday channel letter needs—from narrow and small to medium and large. Our expanded product offering provides constant and consistent brightness and an impressive 165° viewing angle—all in an overmolded design that protects components from moisture, damage and corrosion. Now available in four different module sizes and three different colors.


Outstanding visual performance for your brand.


CABINET SIGNSCabinet Signs Image


Our Tetra® LED lighting systems—for single or double-sided signs—provide considerable optical performance and cost-savings over traditional lighting. When compared with standard fluorescent lamps, Tetra® LED systems provide significant energy cost reductions, easier job site installation, less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness and uniformity across your signs.



Tetra PowerStrip

Tetra® PowerStrip  Arrow Icon

The power of great optics

Tetra® PowerStrip is the solution for single-sided box signs and Tetra® PowerStrip DS is perfect for double-sided box signs. Boasting our OptiLens™ X optical lens technology, this LED system eliminates striping commonly associated with fluorescent lighting. Both LED systems reduce maintenance expenses, elevate visual performance and decrease energy costs.

Tetra EdgeStrip Product Image

Tetra® EdgeStrip  Arrow Icon

The cutting edge of uniform brightness

Tetra® EdgeStrip is engineered to install easily around the edge of signs with a 3 to 6 inch can depth. Our LED system delivers significant cost-saving advantages over T8 fluorescent tubes.

Tetra® EdgeStrip HO is 34% brighter than standard Tetra® EdgeStrip and has 3.5x more LEDs, vastly improving uniformity across any sign face.


LineFit Product Image

LineFit Light LED  Arrow Icon

Rapid LED retrofit for cabinet signs

LineFit Light LED is the incredibly quick and easy way to transform a fluorescent cabinet sign into an efficient LED solution with superior light output and uniformity. Get all the lighting performance, energy savings and reduced maintenance benefits of GE LED technology in four simple steps.

Complement the appearance of any building.


BORDER AND CANOPY LIGHTINGBorder and Canopy Lighting Image


Our Tetra® border and accent lighting systems provide the classic appearance of neon with all the benefits of LED including quick installation, a bright, uniform appearance and up to 40% greater energy efficiency. For more performance in tight demanding areas where utilitarian light is required, GE offers another design innovation—the Batten LED Luminaire series. Complement the design of any office or commercial building and improve your bottom line with border and canopy lighting systems from GE.



Tetra Contour Product Image

Tetra® Contour  Arrow Icon

Complete neon replacement system that fits your business

Tetra® Contour is our flexible two-part neon replacement system that can be easily heated and formed into custom shapes and designs to fit a wide variety of applications.

Tetra Contour LS Product Image

Tetra® Contour LS  Arrow Icon

Industry-leading efficiency in an innovative design

Tetra® Contour LS is our linear neon replacement system that comes ready-to-install. This unbendable product companion is perfect for long-run border lighting sections that complement the appearance of any building.

Batten LED Product Image

Batten LED Luminaire  Arrow Icon

Dependable utility lighting for wet-rated areas

Batten LED Luminaire is our robust LED solution built to outperform in the elements. Its unique, wet-rated design provides outstanding performance in cold, damp outdoor conditions. With an integrated power supply, the GE Batten is suitable for mounting in any ambient application space. It brings the cost-saving benefits of GE LED technology to ATMs, awnings, and drive-thru areas.