GE LED Edgelit Panel

GE LED Edgelit Panel

GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires transform ambient lighting into an exquisite balance of refine appearance and superior efficiency. When illuminated, the panels deliver exceptional uniform light to the space and while off they appear completely free of a visible light source.

Features & Benefits

LED Technology
  • Long life
  • Energy efficient (120 lm/W delivered at 4000K)
  • No pollution for the environment
  • RoHS compliant 


Uniform Illuminated Surface
  • No visible diodes or glare, just a soft even field of light
  • Superior performance
  • Broad uniform light distribution, reducing the number of luminaires needed to light a space


Slim Profile
  • Can be used in ceilings with limited space


Long Life (50,000 hours at L85)
  • Reduces the need for frequent lamp changes


  • Resistant to vibration and impact


Instant Start with Full Power
  • Advantage for use with sensors, no negative impact on the light source


No IR or UV Radiation
  • Suitable for lighting fragile objects in shops, museums or on display


Easy to Install
  • Into 600mm x 600mm, 15mm or 24mm exposed tee grid ceilings