Lumination Controls Accessory Kit


Lumination Controls Accessory Kit

Increase efficiency and save money on energy by transforming your ordinary fixtures into smart fixtures using the Lumination Controls Accessory (LCA) Kit. The LCA kit offers the ability to connect light fixtures to compatible control systems (Daintree, Organic Response, and Enlighted). Connecting fixtures to the LCA kit enables the possibility for occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, dimming controls, and more. By utilizing the capabilities of the LCA kit, you are enabling your fixtures to connect to compatible building management systems which can collect unparalleled insights about your energy consumption and help lower energy costs.

The Daintree LCA Kit enables your fixtures to connect to Daintree's ControlScope1 centralized lighting control system. Daintree ControlScope allows intelligent lighting control strategies including light scheduling, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and task tuning2.

The Enlighted LCA Kit is equipped with an Enlighted sensor which has the ability to detect movement and heat. Enlighted Energy Manager3 centralized lighting control system allows you to see how your building is being utilized and can make adjustments in real time. To learn more about Enlighted technology, please visit:

Please note all lighting control systems are sold separately by the manufacturer.

1Daintree ControlScope sold separately by DaintreeNetworks
2Daintree sensor sold separately by DaintreeNetworks
3Enlighted Energy Manager sold separately by Enlighted